A letter to the GOP Chairman

My very first vote was cast for Ronald Reagan. That was back when Texas was a bastion for Democrats, not Republicans. Now I live in California which will almost always support a Democrat over a Republican. I’ve been reading news articles that the GOP is in shambles and needs a new direction, but I think it might be wise to remind the GOP of an old direction. Look at the history on your website: http://www.gop.com/About/AboutRead.aspx?Guid=a747a888-0ae6-4441-94f4-2a3a6561f872.  That’s a party to be proud of! What happened? Why have individual rights for all turned into Christian Conservatism? Why does the Republican Party continue to let a small but very loud, right-wing religious bloc continue to dictate platforms and ideology that is absolutely against the very foundations the Party was created upon?

There are good people out there that are not Christians. There are honest, hard-working people that are not religious, heterosexual, or farmers. Idealism should not be discouraged! Liberalism is not a dirty word! Our founding fathers were liberals. Lincoln was a liberal. All Republicans were liberals when they wanted to abolish slavery. But what do I see when I watch Republican adds: Hate, Christianity, fear-mongering, and Regressiveness leaning towards Obscurantism. It is very frightening to see the direction. I wouldn’t put it past a Democratic Candidate to compare the similarities of direction to the very same things that Reagan had to fight against in Iran.

It’s obvious the country does not have enough Reactionaries to continue to pander to their political machinations and fly in the face of the simple evolution of our country. We are growing up. It’s time to tell people that the Republican Party wants to be the party of Grown-ups. We want to treat all people as equals just like we did when we fought for the 13th, 14th, 15th, and 19th Amendments! Instead our ads and speeches are about fear and bigotry. It’s just sad.

I work in the Entertainment Industry. There are a lot of people like me that would love to say “I’m a Republican.” But really, what has the GOP done to make us proud to be Republicans? You’ve supported the stripping of rights and liberties from all Americans. You’ve sneered at people that express a historical Republican belief in progressivism and call them “Dirty Liberals”.

How about a new direction for the GOP that reminds America about the great party of Lincoln instead of the scared, regressive party of Palin? Throw her and the Obscurantists to the wolves and let them create their own fringe party. It may take a few elections to get it right, but it will pay-off in the end when our party once more is the voice of the entire country, and not just the pulpit of tory Christians.

Kids Today

In reply to the comment/question: "They don’t know what it is to have to work. They work to pass time and because their parents make them. They don’t value anything…and that’s sad to me, because they are the future and their kids will only propagate the same ideas if they don’t learn. Are we really seeing such a me-me community growing up on stupid ideals because they think there are no consequences?"

The simple answer is yes.  Look at the TV shows you like to watch. Do you think Paris, Lyndsey, Britney, Loren, and whomever else are demonstrating how cool it is to be selfless, generous, or conscientious? No. The people you have working for you watch the kids on the Hills, O.C., 90210, etc. and think the way they behave is OK. So again, the simple answer is, yes, they are spoiled brats who think me, me, me. Sadly, they may even be poor or deprived, but that doesn’t stop them from ignoring others who are poor and deprived. It ultimately comes down to a great amount of Arrogance. Our schools have been restricted from instilling modesty, our parents have been restricted from instilling discipline, and our justice system has been restricted from instilling fear. So our society has created little monsters out of a desire to “Make their lives better than our's were.” And as classic literature teaches us (if we required anyone to read classic literature), the monster always kills its creator. Just ask Dr. Frankenstein.